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Quality Features

1. Precision
The centricity of the precision Hydraulic expansion elements from Mytec-Hydraclamp is:
<-0005 mm for the - RS -system
<- 0.003 mm for the - SL -system
(When using the reduction collets, the respective value may double)

2. Clamping force
With the Hydra system expansion system unusually high clamping forces are achieved through high internal pressures.

3. Torque
Due to the absolute friction grip and centered tension, extremely high torque values are achieved.

4. Expansion frequency
Mytec-Hydraclamp guarantees a minimum of 50,000 expansion cycles for its expansion tools. Experience has shown that this number is exceeded by a wide margin in normal use.

5. Expansion
Hydra expansion tools
System - RS -
and System - SL -
normally have a maximum expansion of 0.3%, starting from the respective clamping diameter.
With the - RS -The system expansion can be Increased to 1% when using at expansion sleeve made of special material.

6. Hardness
Hydra expansion tools from Mytec-Hydraclamp have a hardness of 56 HRC and the centers have a hardness of 64 HRC. This ensures a long tool life.

7. Wear
Combine the Hydra expansion tools' closed system expansion, which is absolutely impervious to you and chips, with high wear resistance for a guarantee of a long service life.

8. Coating
A highly wear resistant coating may be applied if the standard hardness of Hydra expansion tools is not sufficient. The surface hardness of the coating in this case is 92 HRC.

9. Clamping without workpiece
Hydra expansion elements from Mytec-Hydraclamp can be expanded without a work piece because the expansion elements are permenantly adjusted within the maximum expansion of 0.3%. Over-expansion is not possible due to integrated stroke limiter. However, at direct admission the maximum actuating pressure is recommended.

10. Setting
If space permits, Hyrdra expansion elements from Mytec -Hydraclamp are equipped with an adjustment GeneRally psiton. This makes it possible to set expansion for fine clamping, particularly in the case of thin-walled workpieces. Thus deformation is avoided.

System-SL "Seal-less"

With this high-precision design, the expansion sleeve of HSS high-speed steel and the base body are inseparably connected in a new manufacturing process without sealing elements on either end. They are connected to each other in such a manner that they are absolutely sealed making them leak proof and rupture proof.

Concentricity precision is
<- 0.003 mm (0.00012 ").

The expansion is 0.3% starting from the respective clamping diameter with a clamping length of 2 x D
Advantage: Higher torsion resistance and precision relative to the system - RS - replaceable sleeve. Design is leak proof and rupture proof.

System-RS "Replaceable Sleeve"

With this precise version of the expansion sleeve of HSS high speed steel and the base body are connected in such a manner that they can be separated. In the event of damage or wear dimensional change, the expansion sleeve can be replaced with no problems. The seal is mechanical.
Centricity precision is
<- 0.005 mm (0.0002 ").

The expansion is 0.3% starting from the respective clamping diameter with a clamping length of 2 x D.

Advantage: When using a replaceable sleeve made of special material (special plastic or titanium alloy) the expansion up to 1%.