Reduction of production costs in the manufacture of planetary gears through the use of myTec hydraulic expansion mandrels

Before working with myTec, the gear teeth of the produced planetary wheels had to be ground after milling in order to meet the required shape and position tolerances. The customer’s desire was to mill the planetary gears on the Gleason Pfauter P60 and Gleason Pfauter P90 machines with high precision, thus eliminating the grinding process on their Reishauer gear grinding machines. An ideal application for myTec hydraulic expansion mandrels.

Hydraulic expansion mandrel - gear rolling

During gear cutting, high axial, transverse and torsional forces act on the workpiece and also on the clamping system. In this case, by using a myTec hydraulic expansion arbor with the innovative design of the expansion area in conjunction with a coating and a counterholder, it was possible to achieve a manufacturing accuracy of 3 µm during gear cutting.

myTec hydraulic expansion arbors have a very high concentricity and repeatability of less than 3 µm, along with excellent wear resistance.

The production of these planetary wheels is fully automated, the clamping system is power-operated. The workpiece is loaded via a fully automated handling system. In addition to the elimination of gear grinding and the associated cost reduction, the long service life of myTec hydraulic expansion arbors with a lifetime average of 500,000 clamping cycles, leads to a further reduction in production costs.