Optimization of set-up times in the production of engine parts through myTec hydraulic expansion mandrels

The manual alignment required for machining of the engine compressor stages on Hermle milling machines led to high machine downtimes and thus to high set-up costs. When centering the workpieces with mechanical expansion mandrels, there was also the risk of marring the engine parts.

The customer asked myTec to find a solution for both problems to provide reduction of set-up times and avoid marring the workpieces.

The myTec solution was hydraulic expansion mandrels as centering mandrels. The expansion membrane, which is completely enclosed leaves no marks on the workpieces. The design of the clamping mandrels with pressure indicators guarantees deformation-free clamping of workpieces.

Our hydraulic expansion arbors (HYDRA expansion arbors) have a very high concentricity and repeatability of less than 3 µm with excellent wear resistance.

myTec hydraulic expansion arbors, which are used as manually operated centering arbors, reduce the set-up times on Hermle milling and drilling centers many times over.