Uniformly round
clamping of workpieces
(Flexspline - Harmonic Drive Gear)

As the name “Flexspline” indicates, the components to be produced are flexible and thus deformable. The customer had previously used mechanical clamping devices but tThis type of workpiece clamping unfortunately clamps the components non-circularly and deforms the individual segments of the collets in to the component contour.

workpiece clamping expansion arbors

Our myTec solution was to use hydraulic expansion arbors (HYDRA expansion arbors), which will now ensure the desired round clamping of the components.

The myTec HYDRA Expansion Arbor is thus directly adapted to the machine spindle via a short taper interface. In this application, the actuation is done via the tailstock center of the machine. This has the positive effect that the expansion arbor is additionally supported by the tailstock.

Due to the uniform expansion in diameter and over the entire clamping range of the myTec hydraulic expansion arbors, the clamping of the workpieces is now round, consistant and uniform. Workpiece The production is carried out with the highest precision, whereby and the ideal highest shape and position tolerances are achieved.

The myTec hydraulic workpiece clamping is used on Hyundai lathes (clamping system turning), on Gleason Pfauter gear cutting machines and Liebherr gear cutting machines, such as gear hobbing machines, gear shaping machines and for power skiving.