Gear grinding on
Kapp Niles KX300 machines with
hydraulic chuck

The customer had a very high parts variance and the workpieces were typically loaded on rigid mandrels and clamped axially. Previously the workpieces always had to be additionally aligned on the rigid mandrels. In addition, it was necessary to change the complete clamping system when changing to a different component size. The alignment of this clamping system led to longer machine downtime and set-up times.

Hydraulic expansion chucks - clamping technology

myTec We equipped the customer’s Kapp Niles KX300 machine with a hydraulic expansion chuck as the basic fixture. Alignment of the alternating tensioning devices was therefore no longer necessary.

myTec hydraulic chucks have outstanding concentricity and repeatability below 3 µm, along with excellent wear resistance.

Workpiece clamping is now has been carried out by exchangeable myTec hydro-mechanical clamping devices. Various interchangeable collets (modular system of the clamping device) enable the customer to clamp and machine different workpieces with high precision. The exchange of the collets is very simple and quick to carry out.

The myTec changeable clamping devices are operated via the machine’s hydraulics. Hydro-mechanical clamping tools combine the robustness of mechanical clamping devices with the high accuracy and functionality of hydraulic clamping devices.

In the meantime, the customer has equipped the Kapp Niles KX300 machine with an automated loading system and uses myTec our clamping devices in the fully automated machining process.